Wednesday, January 1, 2020

William John Feldsine Sr. & Julia A Carroll (Feldsine)

William John Feldsine Sr. (1867-1941) was a German immigrant who arrived in New York from Ahrensboek, Germany in the late 1800's.  William married Julia A Carroll (1874-1915), an Irish immigrant in 1896 after his arrival in New York.  William and Julia had seven children, listed below. Click the links to view the family tree for each of their children.


Anna Feldsine (1896-1897)

William C. Feldsine (1898) & Elizabeth "Bernice" Henneberry (Feldsine) (1901)

John Feldsine Sr. (1899) & Margaret Feldsine (1902)

Henry Thomas Feldsine Sr. (1902) & Ethel C. (Feldsine) (1898)

Mary D Feldsine (Miller) (1904) & Edward A. Miller (1902)

Stanley Martin Feldsine Sr. (1910) & Mary Loretta Case (Feldsine) (1902)

Olga T Feldsine Price & Wesley Price


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